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Tech Wearables for Any Cell Phone Need

cell phoneTechnology today isn’t limited to what’s in your smartphone, TV or computer. Tech wearables are all the rage. Whether you are looking to improve your health, track down your dog or just see the world in a whole new light, there is a wearable for you. All of these devices are comfortable to wear and waterproof as well.

Smart Glasses
Smart glasses include devices like Google’s controversial Google Glass and virtual reality goggles like Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR. With Samsung Gear VR, you can use your Samsung Galaxy smartphone as a screen to play games with a full 360 view of your virtual surroundings.

Wearable Cameras
We have all seen the GoPro cameras in action online. But GoPro isn’t the only great wearable camera on the market. Check out what some of the other brands have to offer, like Sony. Many makers offer smaller more compact wearable cameras like the Narrative Clip. Look for a device that offers excellent 4k quality so that you can capture the most exciting and joyous moments in your life in brilliant Ultra HD.

Activity Trackers
Use wearable technology to help you reach your fitness goals. Fitbit and Garmin have trackers that monitor your heart rate, distance traveled by GPS, pedometer, and calories burned, making sure you stay on the right track to a healthier lifestyle. Many of these devices also work to track your sleep patterns, making sure you are on the road to recovery after a strenuous workout.

Health Wearables
Not just for fitness, wearables can be used for other aspects in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Lumo Lift Posture coach lets you know when you need to straighten your back to keep you positioned comfortably and ergonomically. Devices like HealBe’s GoBe can even track your hydration levels automatically to determine your water needs based on your activity. Staying healthy has never been so easy.

Smart Watches
Many of us are already familiar with Apple and Samsung’s smart watches but don’t be fooled. There are other quality smart watch devices on the market that perform just as well. Stay up to date with call and text notifications, calendar reminders and emails. Answer and reject phone calls all from your wrist. You can even send that discrete text while you’re in a meeting. Many new products are combining the tools of activity trackers and smartphones together to make the ultimate in smart sporty watches.

Wearables for Kids and Pets
Yes. You read that right. Wearable GPS tracking for your kids AND pets. Never worry about posting flyers or calling the dog pound again. Track your furry family member down with the click of a button. Much like the pet option, cell phone providers are also offering devices that offer GPS tracking for your children. These come in the form of wrist watches or backpack clips. Most of these devices offer a 2-way talk system, meaning when it’s time to call the kids home for dinner, you won’t have to yell down the street like our parents did for us.

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